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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of the Jackson Fire Department is to preserve the rich history of the City of Jackson by minimizing the loss of life, property and the environment from fires, natural disasters and other life-threatening situations.


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If you're experiencing an emergency please dial 911.

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Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns we encourage you to let us know. We will do our best to address them promptly.

Our History

The Jackson Fire Department, located in the foothills of Amador County, is a municipal fire department serving the citizens of Jackson and the surrounding areas since 1854. With a rich history and strong sense of community involvement, the Jackson Fire Department prides themselves on their dedication to those they serve.

From the year 1854 until 2010, the Jackson Fire Department was an all-volunteer department, providing services for fire, EMS, HAZMAT and rescue. In 2008, the citizens of Amador County passed a tax incentive labeled Measure M. This tax incentive was a ½ cent tax increase on taxable items sold within Amador County dedicated solely to the funding of fire personnel and the staffing of equipment. It was not until November of 2010 that the first, full-time professional firefighters were hired to protect the City. These new members were to ensure a quick response of apparatus to the scene of an emergency, and not to replace the dedicated volunteers for the past 156 years. These full-time members are merely to supplement the volunteer force. Currently, the department has 5 full-time positions (1 Fire Chief, 1 Captain and 3 Engineers) and 30 volunteer members.

With the strong support from the City of Jackson and the community, The Jackson Fire Department boasts an impressive fleet of fire apparatus. The staffing model for the Jackson Fire Department allows the on duty personnel to cross staff a type 1 pumper, type 3 pumper, as well a 105’ aerial ladder. Additional responding members will staff another type 1 pumper, a type 6 mini-pumper, a 1,200 & 2,000 gallon water tender and 3 command vehicles.

Est. 1854